Binding Options

Assortment of glue-bound books
Glue (Tape) Binding:

Glue Bound books have a formal and eloquent look to them; reflecting somewhat the idea of an actual book you may see at a library. The ‘binding strips’ are available in assorted colors and you may have text printed on them, such as a title, volume, author name, or all the above. The one thing to remember with Glue Binding is that, like real books, they do not open completely ‘flat’ and therefore would not make a good choice for something like a manual, which you would need to have lying wide open; and not a good idea if you are out in the field, where the elements and wear-and-tear are more prevalent.

Assortment of coil-bound books
Spiral (Coil) Binding:

Spiral binders (often referred to as, Coil) are available in a multitude of colors and an excellent choice for documents that must open ‘flat’, yet still possess a warm presentational look them. This binding style is a very popular choice for calendars, as well.

Image of a 3-hole Acco Binder
Punch Binding:

Punch binding is done by 3-hole punching the paper and inserting a metal Acco Binder through the holes. This is great if you are out in the field battling the elements and/or wish to add or subtract pages at a later date. Acco Binders are easily unbound by hand and can just as easily be rebound again.
Three-Ring Binders are also available, if you prefer.
2-hole punching is another option. The only difference being that the two holes are typically ON TOP of the paper, as opposed to the LEFT side of the paper. The 2-hole punch on-top method is widely used in the medical and law professions.

Assortment of GBC Comb-bound books
Plastic Comb Binding:

Similar to spiral binding, Comb Binding is a good choice for larger size documents that must open flat on a work surface. Cook Books, Educational Materials, and Manuals are often bound this way. While everyone has their own preference, Comb Binding is not often the first choice for presentational documents, and color choices are limited.

Stack of saddle-stiched books
Saddle Stitched/Stapled Booklets:

This is ideal for large projects with smaller amounts of pages. Standard size booklets are 8.5” x 11” or 5.5” x 8.5”, and are the most cost-effective option, as opposed to other sizes.

Picture of different color card stocks and printed cover

Once you’ve decided upon your preferred binding method, your document can then be finished with a choice of custom black-and-white or color printed cover and/or clear acetate cover(s) with a black or white vinyl backing. Colored card stocks are also available for a more festive appearance.